You Might Actually Be Able to Buy the I.D Buzz, Someday

August 24th, 2017 by

I.D. Buzz

Is the Volkswagen I.D. Buzz going to be for sale?

You know how it goes. It’s the same thing every time. There’s a big auto show. Your favorite automaker flaunts an awesome concept. Then you hear nothing about it again. Not this time, though, because Volkswagen will be putting the I.D. Buzz into production, with them model for sale as early as 2022.

What’s taking VW so long on releasing the I.D. Buzz?

When Volkswagen showed off the Atlas, we thought it was just a concept. Then it was announced that the model would be released, and within a year of its unveiling. In the automotive world, that’s almost unheard of. We honestly didn’t expect the VW I.D. Buzz to ever hit the market, but after an intense interest, Volkswagen has decided to make it happen.

But not right away. Unlike the VW Atlas, the VW I.D. Buzz isn’t a gasoline model. It also has a number of features that were flaunted that just don’t make sense for the current world we live in. Volkswagen wants to release a model that is just a cool as the concept vehicle we’re seeing. This means it has to hit the market as an EV, and it has to be at least partially autonomous.

We’re currently seeing automakers vying for the top spot when it comes to range for compact cars. We’re also seeing skeptical shoppers wondering if even a 200-mile range is enough. What about road trips? What if you have a long commute? Charging times aren’t nearly matching the pace of simply filling up your gas tank. These are all things Volkswagen must consider, and for a much larger model.

By 2022, we predict that EV charging infrastructures will improve, battery life will be substantially increased and at least level 3 autonomous driving (where drivers have to be prepared to take over, but the car can drive under normal conditions autonomously). VW is simply waiting to release its futuristic take on the Microbus for when it could actually gain some ground. Why wait this many decades for a comeback, only to jump the shark?

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