Why You Should Wash and Wax Your VW

November 28th, 2017 by

wash and wax

How does wax help maintain car paint

The reason behind washing your car is probably obvious, especially if you have a darker exterior paint. Dirt and grime obviously build up and make your vehicle look a bit gross. That, and debris can scratch and wear off your coatings. Cleaning? Got it. But do you really need to wax your vehicle? We look at how wax helps to maintain car paint and why you should make sure to coat your VW after every wash.

What does car wax do?

You might think of wax as something you do to make your car appear shiny, and thus something you can skip. This is an added benefit, but not the only purpose of wax. Your vehicle has a clear coat that helps protect the paint, and when you wax, you add another layer of protection. Wax helps prevent debris from sticking, which not only keeps it cleaner for longer, but also prevents surface scratches. All that, and wax adds protection against sun damage.

Wax also makes it easier to wash your car next time, as dirt that does stick will be removed when you wash off the wax, rather than needing to be scrubbed directly off the clearcoat.

Naturally, if you don’t care that much about your paint, you can leave your vehicle vulnerable to the elements, but we always recommend you keep your VW waxed so that it doesn’t experience early wear. Typically, you might wax your car twice a year, but when you live by the ocean like we do here in Tampa, we recommend you wax your car more often. The salt and moisture in the air tend to cause wear earlier than other locations.

Do you normally skip the wax when you wash your car? Share your thoughts with a comment here at the Brandon Volkswagen Blog.

What are the benefits of WorldAuto Certified Volkswagen models?

We won’t lie to you: new cars are expensive. You’re paying for all the latest features, zero wear and tear and the reassurance that any damage done by neglect or poor driving is entirely up to you. It’s a clean slate, and it feels good if you can afford to start fresh. But sometimes you can’t.

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