VW Just Announced It Plans to Offer an Electric Version of All Its Vehicles

September 12th, 2017 by

Electric VW

Volkswagen full electric lineup by 2030

So many automakers are looking ahead to an EV and autonomous future, that gasoline almost seems taboo. It seems almost odd to be looking at the future in this way, when the current market offers vehicles with 200 mile ranges as an “upgrade” over the older EVs. Gasoline modelsf, by contrast, can have you going 400-500 miles on a single tank, and filling back up takes just a few minutes. So when you hear that Volkswagen might offer a full electric lineup by 2030, are you to greet the news with excitement or skepticism? Well, it doesn’t mean gasoline options will be phased out.

Why VW and other automakers are going electric

VW has had its e-Golf on the market for a few years now, but the model is only offered in select areas. The reason being that not all areas have solid infrastructure for charging electric models. With more and more automakers realizing that the benefits of EVs, with lower “fueling” costs and zero-emissions, the landscape should be quite different by 2030. We’ve also seen range grow quite a lot over the years, which means electric models will offer even more competitive range in the future.

All that said, VW has set a goal of adding 80 new vehicles that are either full EVs, or hybrids, to the lineup by 2025, and all current models should have an either an EV, hybrid, or plug-in hybrid trim level by 2030. This extends not only to the VW nameplate, but all brands that fall under the Volkswagen Group umbrella. Our overall impression is that EVs are the target, but hybrids also provide a nice bridge for those hesitant to jump right into the fully electric options.

Are you on board with the switch to electric and hybrid cars? Share your thoughts with a comment here at the Brandon Volkswagen Blog.

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