VW Announces Official Plans for I.D. CROZZ Production

December 5th, 2017 by

Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ

Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ Full-Electric Crossover SUV

There’s concept cars, and then there’s the vehicles we see in showrooms. Most models will start off as a concept, but there are too many concepts to count that never come close to being released. For this reason, we often see auto shows as a display of what could be, and only the most practical features every come to fruition. Which is why the announcement that the Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ, a full-electric crossover SUV, will go into production for a 2020 launch is exciting. The model, which features a variety of advanced driver assistance tech, will likely not offer quite what the concept did, but there’s still plenty to be excited for.

Performance in the VW I.D. CROZZ

If there’s one hesitation people have about an all-electric future, it’s performance. Electric cars are traditionally compact, underpowered, but very efficient. Practical, sure, but where’s the fun? Recognizing this, Volkswagen didn’t disappoint with the initial concept vehicle with two electric motors providing a total combined output of 302 horsepower. The model is said to be similar in size to the Tiguan, though we’d estimate this means the original Tiguan and not the 2018 model year. Compare this power output to the 184-horsepower found in the current Tiguan, and suddenly the switch from combustion engines doesn’t seem like such a bad thing.

Boosting performance further is the 4Motion AWD system, which may not feel as necessary here in Florida, but creates a great feeling of grip and control regardless.

Range for the I.D. CROZZ was estimated to hit up to 300 miles, though eMPG rating estimates were not provided for the concept model.

How much will change by 2020? We imagine quite a lot, especially when it comes to features. The original concept was shown with I.D. Pilot, a take on autonomous driving. VW doesn’t predict this technology will be available until 2025. Stay tuned here at the Brandon Volkswagen Blog for updates on production information.

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