How Will EV Production Change the VW Lineup?

November 15th, 2017 by

VW Beetle

Will the VW Beetle become an electric car?

As everyone knows, the automotive world is constantly changing. A model that was once a favorite can easily become discontinued if it isn’t modified and updated to offer all the latest features and a modern design. The Volkswagen Beetle, which continues to appeal for its throwback to the start of the brand, seems to stick out in a market that is on the brink of a change over from internal combustion engines to hybrids and electric vehicles. Will the VW Beetle become an electric car, or does it face extinction?

The future of the VW Beetle

Though there has been some speculation that the VW Beetle doesn’t quite sell as well as it used to, it’s very likely to not only stay in the lineup, but to switch over to a rear-powered vehicle. Volkswagen is putting much of its research and development into making modern electric cars, but this new technology actually makes it more practical to bring back some of the designs we miss from the past.

The microbus, a vehicle that has long been missed, but difficult to redesign, has already been reimagined at the VW I.D. Buzz. A model that has been confirmed for future production. Other models, like “The Thing,” have also been discussed. Though we often think of electric vehicles as models that have the potential to be completely new, futuristic designs, Volkswagen is a brand that’s a bit known for its cult classics.

Many fan favorites are not practical with internal combustion engines because of fuel economy issues. Turning them into modern takes on the old design, built on the MEB platform and outfitted with an electric powertrain could mean we can drive the classics we miss, but with all the modern amenities we don’t want to do without.

The MEB platform is of particular interest in the case of the Beetle because it does provide the opportunity to move the engine back to the rear, which has natural appeal as it rolls back to the start of the model’s design and history. If there is another generation of the VW Beetle, it will be very likely to be an EV, but the brand is still on the fence about whether there will be another one.

When more news comes out, we’ll be updating here at the Brandon Volkswagen Blog, so check back for updates on this and other models.

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