Are Volkswagen TDI Reliable?


Are Volkswagen TDI Reliable?
Find Out at Brandon Volkswagen!

Yes, Volkswagen TDI vehicles are reliable! These VW diesel models are built with the same renowned German engineering that Volkswagen is known for. With athletic exteriors, cutting-edge interiors and performance features you’re sure to love, the entire Volkswagen TDI lineup is something to behold. Here at our VW dealership near St. Petersburg, FL, we have a variety of VW TDI for sale. When you finance a Volkswagen TDI wagon or sedan, you can take on road trips around Florida with more style and efficiency than ever before.

How Does the Volkswagen TDI Engine Work?

TDI stands for turbocharged direct injection, which is a Volkswagen-developed turbodiesel engine. With direct injection. The fuel injector sprays fuel directly into the main combustion chamber of each cylinder. With the VW TDI engine, the turbocharger uses forced induction to increase the amount of air that can enter the cylinders. Thanks to the combination of a turbocharger and direct injection, Volkswagen TDI engines are more fuel efficient than other diesel engines.

Is It Bad to Buy a Volkswagen TDI?

Of course it’s not bad to buy a VW TDI! Here at Brandon Volkswagen in Tampa, we have an array of used VW diesel vehicles that are ready to upgrade your daily drives with their impressive fuel efficiency and sporty performance. Thanks to updated and upgraded technology, the pre-owned Volkswagen TDI sedans and wagons we’re selling will provide the dependable driving experience you’re searching for.

To learn more about Volkswagen TDI mpg ratings and the updated to the VW TDI engine, come to our Tampa Bay VW dealer. We’ll show you around our inventory of Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI and VW Passat diesel models.